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How shoe's are manufactured over the ages

Shoes are a protective gear for the feet and the manufacture of the same has undergone several changes over the time. It is interesting to know how shoes are manufactured as besides being a protective gear shoes also are fashion statements which explains for the various shapes and forms in which they are made to suit the style and tastes of the owner. The materials in which they are made of is wide and varied that ranges from vinyl, leather, canvas and also plastic. To add to the durability and also serve to the specific purpose they are meant to serve the outer sole of the shoes is made out of rubber, synthetic or even hardened leather to name a few.

The manufacturing of shoes is the oldest and one of the most profitable businesses. Shoes are either custom made or mass produced. Shoes that are mass produced are more economical and easy to afford where as the custom made shoes can be very expensive as they are made for a specific and exclusive clientele. It is easy to understand how shoes are manufactured and they are designed and tailored just as clothes are made. Once the design is made the various components of the cut and stitched to make one single piece.

The manufacture of shoes entails a few basic steps. The insole is attached to the rest of upper sections which are carefully designed, created and stitched and these two attached sections are eventually attached to the outer sole that holds them in place strongly. Mostly leather is used for the manufacture of shoes whereas canvas and vinyl too are used to a great extent in mass production of shoes. The variety of the material is derived from the various types of leather each type of leather is unique for its texture and color.