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How to wear ties, bow ties and ascots – An art to gain perfection on

Imagine men in tie, bow or ascots? Wow, they look awesome and classic. Yes, these are the few accessories that make a man look elegant and royal. Although it’s been used for special occasions only these days but they still have a distinct place in men’s wardrobe. How to wear ties, bowties and ascots is an art which has to be learnt.

How to wear ties, bowties and ascots can be learnt easily or one can even purchase an ascot which is pre tied. There are different ways to tie an ascot such as straight tie, simple knot and the traditional knot.  Pins are very commonly used to hold tie and ascots at its place.

Ties have different knots that one can wear as per his choice. Single and double knot is very commonly used in a day to day life such as in formal meetings, parties, get together etc. Many people don’t know that there are so many other ways in which a tie can be knotted.

Fashion changes and people follow the trend. The present trend is such that men do not tie a knot but they leave it hanging around their neck untied with open collar. I am sure it would have reminded you of Casino Royal’s promo poster, yes that’s exactly the new trend.  Butterfly look or the diamond look is very famous and is used across the world. Its best to wear what you feel comfortable in as it does not only enhances your personality but even boosts your confidence and poise.